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Diterbitkan pada 25 Oct 2018
{:en}Since October 22th 2018, LSIH arriving a guest Dr. Shanura Fernando form Jeju University, Korea. His coming to Universitas Brawijaya is to giving a lecture about some research for master and doctoral student. Moreover, LSIH analyst also has a chance to study about zebrafish. This opportunity... more
Diterbitkan pada 18 Oct 2018
{:en} One of an annual event that holds by LSIH is workshop on introducing and maintaining stereo and binocular microscope. This year workshop has been held a day on Tuesday October 16th 2018. Workshop which was chaired by Prof. Sutiman Bambang Sumitro, SU., D.Sc as the KKJF of Nano cellular... more
Diterbitkan pada 24 Sep 2018
{:en} At this time food and beverage producers are becoming more creative in producing food and beverages both raw and fast food. This is very profitable considering that Indonesian people tend to be consumptive. But on the other hand this can be a lesson for consumers to be more aware of the... more