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As a central laboratory supporting academics, LSIH required to be active organize both internal and public training and workshop. As recently, on October 30th – November 3rd has been implemented “Training on Application Micromanipulator and Making Micro Needle for Microsurgery Research”, event was opened by Prof. Ir. Yenny Risjani, DEA, P.hD and accompanied by representative […]

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14-15th September 2017, on two days LSIH has been held a workshop on Research Socialization in the field of Nano, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Workshop was greeted by Prof YennyRisjani DEA, Ph.D as the head of LSIH and accompanied by Prof . Sutiman Bambang Sumitro, SU., D.Sc as a KJF Nano, Molecular and Cellular Biology. […]

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4/10/17 LSIH has been visited by State University of Sriwijaya (UNSRI) Palembang, among others are Prof. Ishak Iskandar, Dr. Indra Yustian and Dr. Adi, this visitation was guided by Dr. Ir. Edi PriyoUtomo deputy of food chemistry of LSIH. This visitation has a purpose to observe KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science in the […]

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Central Laboratory of Life Science has been received accreditation from KAN of ISO 17025:2005 for about 5 years. Nowadays, Universitas Brawijaya conducts an accreditation of system management ISO 9001:2008. As one of the academic support of Universitas Brawijaya, our laboratory was selected to be visited by an auditor from Quality Assurance Center of Universitas Brawijaya […]

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Since our University “Universitas Brawijaya” starting to develop “Halal and Thoyyib”, as an academic laboratory, Central laboratory of Life Science (LSIH) hold the first International Halal Conference entitled “International Conference and Expo on Halal Industry and Science. The conference was held on 18-19th October in Widyaloka Conference Center Universitas Brawijaya. This conference brings together Ulama […]

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29/09/17 LSIH Universitas Brawijaya had received visitation from Institute Atsiri Universitas Brawijaya and Kemenristekdikti Dirjen Strengthening Innovation industry by Ir. Santoso Yudo Warsono, Mt. and guided by Dr. Drs. Edi Priyo Utomo, MS as a deputy from Intitute Atsiri. This visitation was warmly greeted by head of LSIH Prof Yenny Risjani DEA, and she explained […]

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28/9/17 Central Laboratory of Life Science has received a visit from Polytechnic Sriwijaya Palembang which was guided by Research Group Halal and Qualified Industry Development (Hal-QID). The visit was directly led by the head of LSIH, Prof Yenny Risjani DEA, explained that LSIH divided into 4 KJF (Functional Group); KJF Nano Molecular and Cellular Biology, […]

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On Tuesday 29 August 2017 in the 2nd floor of LSIH has been held workshop on design primer as cooperation between LSIH-UB with BBPPTP (Balai Besar Pembenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan) Surabaya. This workshop was done in two days with discussing and practicing session. Practice session was done at LSIH, Faculty of medicine and also […]

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KJF of Food Quality Control and Halal Science (Univeristy of Brawijaya) collaborate with BASHA RESEARCH CORPORATION (BRCORP) Dr. R. Hafeez Basha, Ph.D on publication of scopus-indexed abstract proceeding, considering that KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science will soon hold an “International Conference and Expo on Halal Industry and Science” (ICEHIS) 2017 on October 18th-20th […]

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  Central Laboratory of Life Science has organized Workshop on Author and Reviewer Base on OJS, OJS is an abbreviation of Open Journal Systems, is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by science project through federally funded to expand and improve access to the research. The purpose of this activity is […]

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