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Since October 22th 2018, LSIH arriving a guest Dr. Shanura Fernando form Jeju University, Korea. His coming to Universitas Brawijaya is to giving a lecture about some research for master and doctoral student. Moreover, LSIH analyst also has a chance to study about zebrafish. This opportunity isn’t wasted by analyst remembering that zebrafish feeding system […]

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One of an annual event that holds by LSIH is workshop on introducing and maintaining stereo and binocular microscope. This year workshop has been held a day on Tuesday October 16th 2018. Workshop which was chaired by Prof. Sutiman Bambang Sumitro, SU., D.Sc as the KKJF of Nano cellular and Molecular Biology placed in laboratorium of […]

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At this time food and beverage producers are becoming more creative in producing food and beverages both raw and fast food. This is very profitable considering that Indonesian people tend to be consumptive. But on the other hand this can be a lesson for consumers to be more aware of the variety of foods and […]

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As a follow-up to the 10th cycle of internal audit AIM UKPPA that was held in October 2017, on September 10, 2018, the 11th cycle of internal audit AIM UKPPA was held at UB LSIH. As auditor is Dr. drh. Masdiana C Padaga, M.App.Sc. and Dr. Nurul Muslihah, SP., M.Kes. In this audit, the auditor checked […]

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Recently, KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science held an event on researchers network on halal industry and food safety. This event was held in LSIH on Saturday, 8th September 2018. The background of this event is how the important to strength research network related with halal industry and food safety integrated from various of strategic […]

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  Since surveillance team has come on last may with their findings, LSIH has directly followed up its findings. Remembering that several documents need to be changed and involve all laboratories. So that, on July 11 has been held socialization event about the change of document according to the surveillance finding. There are 2 materials […]

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As one of the central laboratory in Universitas Brawijaya which had been accredited SNI ISO / IEC 17025: 2008, on 3-4th May 2018 LSIH-UB had visited by surveillance team it was Yus Maria Novelina, M.Si as a chief assessor in the field of management and technical accompanied with Dr. Didah Nur Faridah as an assessor […]

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   Since guarantee of halal product system has been implemented in UniversitasBrawijaya, currently, UniversitasBrawijaya has a central of study halalanthoyib science center. central ofstudy halalanthoyib science centerUniversitasBrawijayahasscientific and technological development programs that can produce good food for health, safe and supporting Islamic ritual. By this central of study, Universitas Brawijaya can be established Lembaga Pemeriksa […]

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  One of the obligatory program of LSIH UB is working meeting (RAKER) which already done on Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th February 2018 at Golden Tulip Holland Resort Batu. This event successfully held with supported by head office of UniversitasBrawijaya and officially opened by 3rd vice rector Prof. Dr. Ir. AriefPrajitno, MS as a […]

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LSIH UB has been visited the guest from Universitas Borneo Tarakan on Monday, January 22, 2018. They are Dr. Ir. Adi Sutrisno, MP. 1stvice rector of academic field and system information, Dr. M. Djaya Bakri, S.T., M.T. 3rdvice rector of student affairs and cooperation and planning of Universitas Borneo Tarakan. The arrival of Universitas Borneo […]

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