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On Tuesday 29 August 2017 in the 2nd floor of LSIH has been held workshop on design primer as cooperation between LSIH-UB with BBPPTP (Balai Besar Pembenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan) Surabaya. This workshop was done in two days with discussing and practicing session. Practice session was done at LSIH, Faculty of medicine and also […]

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Internal Workshop “Application of Flow Cytometry” A two day internal workshop on “Advanced Flow Cytometry Techniques” from March 15-16th, 2016 was organized by the Central Laboratorium of Life Science, University of Brawijaya. In this internal workshop, Mr. Chong Mun Keat, Ph.D as a speaker from PT Merck Tbk. The event was opened by Prof. Ir. […]

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LSIH has revised ISO / IEC 17025 : 2008 and AIM ISO 9001 : 2008 on September 12 – 13, 2015. This event  was opened by chairman of quality management Dr. Ir. Nur Hidayat, MP.  This event had been to talked about reviews quality module, quality procedure, job instructiuons and supporting documents, administration of analysis […]

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LSIH on June 25 2015, had a collaborates with Balai Besar Pembenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan (BBPPTP) Surabaya. The event was attended by as Prof. Ir. Yenny Risjani, DEA., Ph.D Director of LSIH,  all chief of laboratory division in LSIH, all LSIH Staff, and Ir. Ahmad Sarjana, M.Si as chairman of BBPPTP Surabaya. The purpose […]

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On the day Saturday, December 21, 2013, Staff LSIH: Prof. Yenny (Director), Dr. Sri Winarni (MA) and Dr.. Nur Hidayat (MT) following the ISO 9001:2008 Awareness on the 8th floor of UB’s rector. This activity was opened by Prof.. Dr.. Ir. Bambang Suharto, MS. (Vice Rector), followed by exposure to Ir. Achmad Abrams, MEng., PhD. […]

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Karyotyping or chromosome analysis is a very important part of the initial genetic analysis . This analysis can be done through the detection of multiple genetic abnormalities at the level of chromosome abnormalities commonly associated with genetic or hereditary disease . With the development of science and technology especially in the field of biological sciences […]

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On May 7 November LSIH got a visit from Prof.. Kirbani which is representative of the BAN-PT. He reviewed the molecular and cellular laboratory (karyotyping) is accredited by KAN and Confocal Laser Scaning microscope (CLSM).

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UB is a public university that has been certified ISO 9001:2008 for the entire unit . UB has a lot of laboratories to support the research and testing process required by the academic world , the general public and companies . One of the Laboratory in the UB is the Central Science Laboratory (LSIH ) […]

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< img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1582" title="web" src="http://lsih.ub.ac.id/wrp-con/uploads/2013/10/web-150x150.jpg" alt= " " width = "150" height="150" /> on May 22 and October 23 LSIH conducted training on the Swine Identification Contamination of Food Products . The event was opened by the chairman of the committee Dr . Yuni Kilawati and director Yenny LSIH Prof. Risjani . The […]

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Congratulations to Prof. Dr.. Ir. Kuswanto, MS, won the first place as the top outstanding lecturers in 2013 and Rr. Fitria Goddess Listiani S.Si III won in 2013 as an outstanding analyst. congratulations for their hard work

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