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LSIH UB has been visited the guest from Universitas Borneo Tarakan on Monday, January 22, 2018. They are Dr. Ir. Adi Sutrisno, MP. 1stvice rector of academic field and system information, Dr. M. Djaya Bakri, S.T., M.T. 3rdvice rector of student affairs and cooperation and planning of Universitas Borneo Tarakan. The arrival of Universitas Borneo Tarakan teamto LSIH UB aims to conduct a comparative study. In addition to reviewing the laboratory, guests from the Universitas Borneo Tarakan also had the opportunity to conduct a discussion in which directly led by the head of LSIH Prof. Dr. Ir. YennyRisjani, DEA., Ph.D and Dr. Ir. Nur Hidayat, MP who is the head of KJF laboratory quality assurance. During the discussion the guests were interested to review the facilities at LSIH and the analyst’s activities at LSIH.This visitation was ended with observing the facilities and equipment which is available at LSIH, starting at Biomolecular and Cellular Biology Lab, Food Quality Control and Halal Science Lab, Microbiology Lab, Bioimaging Lab and then Bioecotoxycology and Pharmacognosy Lab.