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On December 5th to 6th workshop program on Microscopy crystal detection of lard and other fats was successfully held in LSIH-UB and opened by Prof. Ir. Sukoso, M.Sc., Ph.D as the leader of KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Sciences, LSIH together with Prof. Dr. Ir. Chanif Mahdi, MS., Dr. Dra. Sri Winarsih and Dr. Drs. Edi Priyo Utomo, MS. This event was attended by 30 participants who came from Brawijaya University, UIN Malang, STIKES Maharani Malang, Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan, Unisma Malang, Universitas Islam Raden Rahmat, Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi, AKAFARMA Putera Indonesia Malang and Department of Chemist Unair. As a first keynote speaker, Prof. Dr. Ir. Chanif Mahdi, MS gave a lecture about crystallization then followed by discussion with Prof. Ir. Sukoso, M.Sc., Ph.D. In this event we also invited Hj. Siti Aminah, M.Pd head of sub-directory halal product Directory of Islamic Religious Affair and Syariah Coaching. In the afternoon session, Dr. Sri Widyarti, M.Si presented about microscope after laboratory briefing. Laboratory practice was started after this lecture. During practice, all enthusiastic participants worked in a team to extract the fats from chicken, beef, goat, and pork. According to the method they have to incubate all fats samples for overnight before observation under microscope. A day after, all participants started to transferred all fats in the diethyl ether before incubate again. However, on the last day the participants can observe the samples which have already prepare by the analyst. They were finally able to see the difference between a crystal lard, chicken, goat and beef. This workshop program was successfully closed by Prof. Ir. Yenny Risjani, DEA, Ph.D as a director of LSIH-UB and hoping that all participants can increase their knowledge to develop this topic.