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Diterbitkan pada 29 Aug 2017
{:en} On Tuesday 29 August 2017 in the 2nd floor of LSIH has been held workshop on design primer as cooperation between LSIH-UB with BBPPTP (Balai Besar Pembenihan dan Proteksi Tanaman Perkebunan) Surabaya. This workshop was done in two days with discussing and practicing session. Practice... more
Diterbitkan pada 28 Aug 2017
{:en} KJF of Food Quality Control and Halal Science (Univeristy of Brawijaya) collaborate with BASHA RESEARCH CORPORATION (BRCORP) Dr. R. Hafeez Basha, Ph.D on publication of scopus-indexed abstract proceeding, considering that KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science will soon hold an... more
Diterbitkan pada 17 Aug 2017
{:en}   Central Laboratory of Life Science has organized Workshop on Author and Reviewer Base on OJS, OJS is an abbreviation of Open Journal Systems, is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by science project through federally funded to expand and improve... more