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Microwave-Assisted Extraction is a technique to extract dissolved materials from plants by micro-wave energy. This technology is suitable to extract thermolabile compounds due to its temperature control better than conventional heat method. Moreover, not only the temperature, MAE also having several benefits such as shorter extraction time, saving energy and solvent, higher yield, higher accuracy and precisian, mixing process which can increase the mass transfer phenomena. Since that improving speed and efficiency of solvents extraction is the important one, Central Laboratory of Life Sciences (LSIH) would like to invite researchers to join “Fast Extraction with MAE”.


  • Participants will get a knowledge about the suitable technique of Microwave Assisted Extraction
  • Participants will get a new skill to run MAE then apply to the GCMS for verification


  • Introducing the basic mechanism of Microwave Assisted Extraction.
  • Guiding how to use Microwave Assisted Extraction.

Place and date

Place: Central Laboratory of Life Sciences (LSIH)

Date: October 26th, 2016

Program schedule

Wednesday, October 26 th, 2016

08.00-08.30     : Registration

08.30-09.00     : Opening ceremony

09.00-09.15     : Coffee Break

09.15-10.15     : Introducing MAE “Microwave Assisted Extraction” Anton paar

10.15-11.30     : Brief Introduction about GCMS

11.30-12.30     : Lunch and Pray For Moslems

12.30-14.00     : Practice how to run “Microwave Assisted Extraction” Anton paar

14.00-16.00     : Brief practice how to run GCMS