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As a follow-up to the 10th cycle of internal audit AIM UKPPA that was held in October 2017, on September 10, 2018, the 11th cycle of internal audit AIM UKPPA was held at UB LSIH. As auditor is Dr. drh. Masdiana C Padaga, M.App.Sc. and Dr. Nurul Muslihah, SP., M.Kes. In this audit, the auditor checked the document changes that were discovered last year. From the results of this audit, the findings of last year have been declared closed. As suggestions in this audit are need to make brochures for new equipment and need to make a report which is included in management review 2017. From the results of this audit LSIH will immediately followed up with the hope that LSIH has a management system that is standardized at ISO 9001-2008.