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28/9/17 Central Laboratory of Life Science has received a visit from Polytechnic Sriwijaya Palembang which was guided by Research Group Halal and Qualified Industry Development (Hal-QID). The visit was directly led by the head of LSIH, Prof Yenny Risjani DEA, explained that LSIH divided into 4 KJF (Functional Group); KJF Nano Molecular and Cellular Biology, KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science, KJF Microbiology and Virology, and KJF Biopharmacognosy and Ecotoxicology then at the same time they reviewing laboratory equipment.

Polytechnic Sriwijaya Palembang explained their visiting purpose are to observe the activity of KJG Food Quality Control and Halal Science. Shoirotul (researcher) explained that the activity is still doing experiments related with halal, fatty acid of pork analysis using GC-MS still on going. Right now KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science waiting for LCMSMS machine that still on the procurement process considering that its a main equipment to support halal studies. LSIH also developed a simple detection of lard by retardation angle using microscope.

The hopes of this meeting could establish a cooperation between Polytechnic Sriwijaya Palembang with lSIH Universitas Brawijaya Malang to share an analysis for material and product, considering a large number of student in Polytechnic Sriwijaya campus.