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Head of library University of Brawijaya (UB) Drs. Johan AE Noor, Ph.D together with a team have conducted socialization and workshop to introduce “Turnitin Application” at Central Laboratory of Life Science (LSIH) 8/8/2017.

This event was opened by Dr. Ir. Nur Hidayat , MP as a head of quality assurance LSIH and attended by head of LSIH and all staff. Mr. Johan explained that “Turnitin Application” is an internet-based application to prevent plagiarism for teachers, students and researchers created by US vendor. This application used to detect the similarities of scientific paper. “First purpose is to prevent plagiarism and second is to protect copyright from the author”. 

Hereinafter, Mr. Johan and team has invited all participants to practice on how to use turnitin application. As a first step, giving a user id and also password then uploaded a file to eb checked, comparing file with an existed scientific paper.

Mr. Johan said that scientific paper can be compared with several sources, namely; (1) journal repository on the internet, (2) journal repository at Univeristy of Brawijaya, (3) periodically publication of national and international scientific paper where UB has subscribed.