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UB is a public university that has been certified ISO 9001:2008 for the entire unit . UB has a lot of laboratories to support the research and testing process required by the academic world , the general public and companies . One of the Laboratory in the UB is the Central Science Laboratory (LSIH ) which has been accredited to ISO / IEC 17025:2005 ( ISO 17025:2008 ) . < !--more-->

Terms Laboratories that perform well , especially accredited is when all the equipment that support the measurement results must be calibrated . Thus the accuracy and thoroughness can be reliable . So that these requirements can be met required laboratory personnel who have the expertise to calibrate or memferivikasi equipment used .

Central Laboratory Sciences (LSIH ) as a central laboratory UB facilitate other laboratories to conduct ” Measuring Equipment Calibration Training Mass , Volume , and Temperature ” . It is expected each laboratory has skilled personnel in the field of calibration equipment , so the equipment in the lab has a good performance in terms of accuracy and precision .


  • Calibration Mass

  • Volume
    Temperature Calibration

Time and Place of Execution strong

  • Time : 12-14 November 2013
  • Venue: Central Science Laboratory (LSIH ) UB lt 3



  • UB : Rp 1.500.000 , 00

  • UB : Rp 2.500.000 , 00

training fee can be paid directly to the Central Laboratory of Biological Sciences UB Malang Jl Veteran or via BCA account 3150860783 in the name of Sri Winarsih .

Cpc . Soepriyanto
Working closely with SPINSINERGI

Contact Person :

Kusnia strong
Tel . 0341 559054
Hp . 08563616230

brochure CLICK HERE ! ! …

NB : This form can be duplicated and each participant please bring LAPTOP