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Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) by Berkat Jaya Abadi Company In this opportunity, Berkat Jaya Abadi Company has a chance to present about Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) to lecturer and also researcher in University of Brawijaya.  The presentation was done at LSIH-UB on Friday December 2nd 2016 and opened by Prof Dr. Ir. Yunianata, DEA as a chairman of the committee. As the reason why PLE was chosen and needed to be presented due to its ability to extract the sample effectively without needed much solvent, labor, expertise and faster than other method such as soxhlet or microwave assisted. PLE is assembled by FMS Fluid Management System Company which is a leading company in the field of automatically sample preparation for extraction, purification, fractionation and concentrated sample which designed for analytic testing laboratory. The company which placed in USA is designing and making system and disposable material with a high quality. This machine can be used to extract marine life, livestock-poultry, milk/milk powder, flying ash, soil and water. This presentation program was closed by demonstration to show the machine method by the staff of Berkat Jaya Abadi Company.