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14-15th September 2017, on two days LSIH has been held a workshop on Research Socialization in the field of Nano, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Workshop was greeted by Prof YennyRisjani DEA, Ph.D as the head of LSIH and accompanied by Prof . Sutiman Bambang Sumitro, SU., D.Sc as a KJF Nano, Molecular and Cellular Biology. The head of LSIH explained that LSIH divided into 4 KJF including KJF Nano, Molecular and Cellular Biology, KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science, KJF Microbiology and Virology and KJF Bioactivity and Ecotoxicology. She also congratulates to KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science which has selected as the head ofDirjen BPJPH in the Ministry of Religion Indonesia.

Research in the field of Nano Molecular and Celullar Biology has been developed in many countries including Indonesia that is Prof. Sutiman with the members Dr. Sri Widyarti and Dr. Joko. Prof. Sutiman explained that nano science research can be used in the field of animal feed, herbal drink and also fertilizer.

Workshop attended by thirty participants from many field of life science at UniversitasBrawijaya including Bachelor, Magister and also Doctor. The head of LSIH hope that all participants can develop nano science and the purpose of this workshop is to gain the knowledge in the field of nano science