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The assessor team LRQA arrived at University of Brawijaya since Monday 5th June 2017 has visited Central Laboratory of Life Science (LSIH) on a day after for surveillance ISO 9001:2008. As a Lead Assesor is Mr. Catur Priyanto and committee from quality control center of UB Dr. Masdiana C. Padaga., Drh., M.AppSc and also  Dr. Setywati Suharto., dr. M.Kes as a supervisor. The team greeted by Prof. Yenny Risjani, DEA, Ph.D as a leader of LSIH, LSIH Quality Control Team and staff Dr. Nur Hidayat, MP, Dr. Ir. Joni Kusnadi, MP, Dr. Dra. Sriwinarsih Apt, M.Si, Dr. Yuni Kilawati, Dr. Edi PriyoUtomo, M.Si. Since that LSIH has been certified for ISO 17025:2005 as a service laboratory with the scope of analysis such as  protein content, water content and ash content, Mr. Catur Priyanto hope LSIH can develop the scope by adding other scope and also implemented the ISO for other uncertified scope.


Mr. Catur Priyanto has also reviewed quality management system which also implemented in LSIH, management review, customer satisfaction, submission of human resources and visiting Nano molecular and cellular laboratory. Moreover, Mr. Catur Priyanto found two cases that need to be considered such as document numbering for working instruction especially for laboratory tools in uncertified scope and standardization of sample acceptance. Even though Mr.  Catur Priyanto said that these finding is just observation but Prof Yenny Risjani, DEA, Ph.D as a leader of LSIH very thankful. LSIH will revise these two cases for the best quality laboratory.