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4/10/17 LSIH has been visited by State University of Sriwijaya (UNSRI) Palembang, among others are Prof. Ishak Iskandar, Dr. Indra Yustian and Dr. Adi, this visitation was guided by Dr. Ir. Edi PriyoUtomo deputy of food chemistry of LSIH. This visitation has a purpose to observe KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science in the field of one of its analysis is pork fatty acids using GCMS. Dr. Edi added that LSIH now waiting for the new machine LCMS-MS which just bought by LSIH on 2017. This machine is the main to check Halal product.

            Dr. Edi PriyoUtomo explained that LSIH has been accredited ISO 17025:2008 in the scope of flour testing of protein, moisture and as content. However, for the lipid content is still ongoing scope to be added. 

We hope that from this meeting State University of Sriwijayacan built a cooperation with LSIH to share analysis of material and product considering an amount of student in both University.