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Indonesia is a country with a large number of Muslim communities in the world. As a Muslim majority country, Indonesia act as one of country who provide halal product, safe and healthy (HAS). Halal, safe and healthy (HAS) is a value which is believed by experts to get a good quality food. But if we analyze deeply, animal-based foods are still far away from the halal requirement. Sometimes during the process they mixed with other unclear food material in case of safe, healthy and its halal status. All this time, halal detection of animal-based foods is using LCMS which is complicated method and costly. However, to detect animal-based foods can also use simple microscopy technic from its crystal shape. Fats crystals of each species are having a specific morphology that can be used to distinguish food ingredient which contain animal fats.

Realize to this situation KJF Food Quality Control and Halal Science of Central Laboratory of Life Science Brawijaya University collaborate with center of Halal Thoyib Brawijaya University perform a microscopy crystal detection of lard and other fats so that all foodstuffs are in standard.

Workshop will be held on Monday – Tuesday Dec 5th-6th 2016 at Central Laboratory of life science Brawijaya University (LSIH-UB). There are 3 keynote speakers will be presented in this workshop. For the detail information can be seen in the leaflet below.

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